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Northumbria Police Benevolent Fund

The Northumbria Police Benevolent Fund (Lilian Eve Memorial Trust) is a registered charity (Registration Number 507081), it is independent of the force and is controlled by trustees. The aim of the fund is to provide assistance to members and their families who find themselves in circumstances where they may need of benevolent or financial assistance.

Benefits of the fund can include:

  • Grants / interest free loans for members who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances.
  • Respite at a luxury holiday cabin in the Lake District.
  • Disbability related home alterations and specialist equipment.
  • Assistance with travel and incidental expenses for members attending a Police treatment centre.

NPBF Leaflet 2022

The NPBF Log Cabin

The NPBF′s beautiful log cabin located in the lake District is available for use by members following a critical incident or stressful event.

The NPBF Committee

The NPBF committee meets on a bi-monthly basis where serving police officers and retired officers are represented by a committee made up of officers from each area command, department and retired officers. The committee is made up of volunteers. Applications are decided by the committee and all discussions are confidential. No reason will be given if an application is turned down, and there is no appeals process. Urgent applications for assistance are considered between meetings. If required.

Membership of the Fund is open to all serving police officers at a cost of £2 per payday. Police pensioners who subscribed to the fund before retirement and officers upon joining are able to call on the benefits of the Fund.

Applications are considered by the committee using the below criteria and guidance. This is not a definitive list. Each application is looked at on an individual basis:

  1. Applicants cannot apply within 3 years, for the same circumstances (3 year rule)
  2. If applications are for separate incidents there is no 3 year rule
  3. Applicants cannot apply for any pre-existing illness/reason which pre dates joining the fund
  4. Divorce will not be considered as a reason to offer respite
  5. Miscarriage will not be considered as a reason to offer respite, however, all applications will be considered individually
  6. Any Money/Grants awarded will be paid to companies directly and not to the individual
  7. NPBF do not pay towards Medical costs
  8. NPBF do not pay towards Counselling costs
  9. A financial form must accompany all requests for Grants/Loans, applicants must show what they have done towards helping themselves resolve any financial difficulty on the application
  10. All Loans must be repaid within a maximum of 3 years
  11. To claim Out of Pocket Expenses , applicants must provide a payslip
  12. Out of Pocket Expenses for Police Treatment Centres can only be claimed once in a 12 month period
  13. Out of Pocket Expenses are £30 per week (i.e. 5 days at Police Treatment Centre)

Document Downloads

To find out more you can download the following documents: